ERI 2013 Call – Overview

The Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives (ERIs) 2013 call resulted on the selection of six proposals: three of them focus on the development of health area apps, one suggests a new communication model between mobile devices and the other two are related to the management area and technological and industrial innovation policies.

The initiatives network includes more than 30 Portuguese institutions of higher education and research, Carnegie Mellon University and companies, from startups to multinationals.

The call had 21 applications submitted and the six proposals approved for funding have a total budget of approximately 6 million Euros for four years.

An international innovation engine is a symbiotic relationship between researchers and industry partners, embedded in international knowledge and business networks, to create new ideas and to translate them into products, processes and services.

2013 Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives
Six proposals were approved for funding, with a total budget of approximately 6 million Euros for four years.

Name of the ERIPortuguese PICMU PIPortuguese InstitutionsOrganizations
AHA: Augmented Human AssistanceAlexandre Bernardino (ISR-IST-ID; IST-UL)Daniel P. Siewiorek (HCII); Asim Smailagic (HCII)IST-ID; FMH; M-ITI; NOVA.ID.FCTPLUX; YDreams Robotics
HYRAX: Crowd-sourcing Mobile Devices to Develop Edge CloudsFernando Silva (INESC TEC; FCUP)Priya Narasimhan (CS/ECE)INESC TEC; IT; NOVA.ID.FCTGeolink; Wavecom; YinzCam
E4VALUE: Innovation Dynamics in Aeronautics and Embraer in Évora – Towards a Distributed Platform for Entrepreneurial Initiatives, New Employment and Skills DevelopmentMiguel Amaral (IN+; IST-UL)Granger Morgan (EPP)IST-ID; IDMEC; INESC TECCEIIA; Embraer Portugal
INSIDE: Intelligent Networked robot Systems for Symbiotic Interaction with Children with Impaired DevelopmentFrancisco Melo (INESC ID; IST-UL)Manuela Veloso (CS)INESC ID; IST-ID; NOVA.ID.FCTHospital Garcia de Orta; IDMIND; PLUX; Voice Interaction
TEIPL: Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy LabPedro Oliveira (CLSBE/UCP)Lee Branstetter (SDS/Heinz)CLSBE/UCP; IMM-FMUL; IST-ULINNOSABI; Microsoft; NOVARTIS
VR2MARKET: Towards a Mobile Wearable Health Surveillance Product for First Response and other Hazardous ProfessionsJoão Paulo Cunha (INESC TEC; FEUP)Fernando De la Torre (RI)INESC TEC; IT; UABiodevices; Future Cities-UPorto; Hospital de Gaia; Petratex