The Program

Wednesday, December 6th ​

PT 9:30-10:00


PT 10:00-10:30

Welcome Session

Inês Lynce, CMU Portugal National Co- Director

Madalena Alves, FCT President

PT 10:30-11:30

Roundtable: The CMU Portugal Ph.D. experience

Moderator: Inês Lynce
Ph.D. Students: Luís Gomes, Maria Casimiro, Neeta Khanuja (remote), Pedro Mendes.

Discussion on the experience of being at CMU, best practices and challenges for the future.

PT 11:30–12:30

Poster Session and Discussion

PT 12:30–14:00

CMU 13:00-15:00

Lunch Break

Parallel Sessions

Presentations by CMU Portugal Ph.D. students

Session running simultaneously between students presenting at Culturgest and CMU

Session 1

Moderators: Cláudia Soares (FCT NOVA) and Paula Marques (UAveiro)

PT 14:00-14:15

CMU 09:00-9:15

Brain network analysis under mood-altering electrical stimulation

Diogo Cardoso (CMU)

Session 2

Moderators: Gabriel Falcão (UCoimbra) and Lia Patrício (FEUP)

Leveraging Quantum Computers to solve the Vehicle-to-Vehicle Charging Problem

Cláudio Gomes (CMU)

PT 14:15-14:30

CMU 9:15-9:30

Sustainable soft electronic interfaces for health monitoring

Manuel Reis Carneiro (PT)

Enabling a Secure Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Electricity Market in Low Voltage Networks

Diana Vieira Fernandes (CMU)

PT 14:30-14:45

CMU 9:30-9:45

Ultrasonics in Spinal Cord Implants and Mechanotransduction

Latifah Almaghrabi (CMU)

5G, Edge computing and Mobility in the Floyd Project

João Fonseca (PT)

PT 14:45 - 15:00

CMU 9:45-10:00

Explainable Deep Learning Based Epileptic Seizure Classification with Clinical 3D Motion Capture

Tamás Karácsony (CMU)

An End-to-End Energy Model for 5G Virtualized Radio Access Networks

Sofia Martins (CMU)

PT 15:00 - 15:15

CMU 10:00-10:15

Error Feedback Compressed Vertical Federated Learning

Pedro Valdeira (PT)

A New Spectrum Sensing Technique with Double Threshold

António Brito (PT)

PT 15:15 - 15:30

CMU 10:15-10:30

National Dynamic Regulatory Capabilities and Global Shocks to Trade

Afonso Amaral (PT)

Performance Limits of Routing in Data-Centers

Miguel Ferreira (PT)

Program Synthesis for Reverse Engineering Congestion Control Algorithms

Margarida Ferreira (PT)

PT 15:30:–16:15

CMU 10:45-11:15

Coffee Break

Session 3

Moderator: João Magalhães (FCT NOVA)

PT 16:15-16:30

CMU 11:15-11:30

Oblivious data structure library

Afonso Tinoco (CMU)

PT 15:45–16:15

CMU 10:45-11:15

Coffee Break

Session 4

Moderator: Nuno Santos (Técnico | INESC ID)

Transforming Ideas into Code: Visual Sketching for ML Development

Luís Gomes (PT)

PT 16:30-16:45

CMU 11:30-11:45

Learned Controlled Vocabularies for Efficient Sparse Retrieval with Dense Retrieval Effectiveness

Luís Borges (PT)

FormHe: A Formula Helper for Fault Localization and Repair of ASP Programs

Ricardo Brancas (PT)

PT 16:45-17:00

CMU 11:45-12:00

MELT: Mining Effective Lightweight Transformations from Pull Requests

Daniel Ramos (PT)

End-to-end Approach for Automated Vulnerability Identification and Patching

Eduard Pinconschi (Remote)

PT 17:00-17:15

CMU 12:00-12:15

Towards Self-Adaptive Machine Learning-based Systems

Maria Casimiro (PT)

Automatic detection and exploitation of NodeJS vulnerabilities

Nuno Sabino (PT)

PT 17:15-17:30

CMU 12:15-12:30

Hyper-parameter Tuning for Adversarially Robust Models

Pedro Mendes (PT)

Understanding and Detecting Misconfigurations in ROS-based Robot Software

Paulo Canelas (CMU)

PT 17:30-17:45

CMU 12:30-12:45

Enabling Efficient Remote Collaboration and Training in Mixed Reality

Catarina Fidalgo (CMU)

PT 18:00-18:15

Closing Remarks

PT 20:00-21:30

Networking Event

Thursday, December 7th

In Lisbon

PT 10:00-12:30

Group Training Sessions

Two sessions will run simultaneously:

- Entrepreneurship for Scientists
- Making great presentations

PT 12:30-13:30

Lunch Break