ERI 2014 Call – Overview

The Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives (ERIs) 2014 call selected six projects with a common technological base: two of them search for solutions on health area and another two aim to find solutions on industrial sector. The last two selected proposals focus on monitoring global data streams to context-aware recommendations and on creating new ways of collecting and processing a moving city data in order to improve urban management and planning.

More than 40 institutions of higher education and research, as well as the Carnegie Mellon University and companies, from startups to multinationals, are involved.

The 2014 call had 24 applications submitted and the six proposals approved for funding have a total budget of 5,2 million Euros for four years. 

An international innovation engine is a symbiotic relationship between researchers and industry partners, embedded in international knowledge and business networks, to create new ideas and to translate them into products, processes and services.

2014 Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives
Six proposals were approved for funding, with a total budget of approximately 5.2 million Euros for four years. 

Name of the ERIPortuguese PICMU PIPortuguese InstitutionsOrganizations
+ATLANTIC: Science and Technology Policy and Innovation Analysis to Maximize the Economic, Environmental and Social Benefits of Deep Sea Exploration and Oil and Gas Development in the South Atlantic RegionRamiro Neves (IST-UL)Michael Griffin (EPP)IST-ID; ARDITI; M-ITIAM; CEIIA; EMAM; ISQ; ONIP; PETROGAL/Galp-E; R-Tech; TECHNIP; WAVEC
BioVisualSpeech: An Interactive Platform for Speech Therapy with Visual Bio-feedbackSofia Cavaco (NOVA.ID.FCT; FCT/UNL)Maxine Eskenazi (LTI)NOVA.ID.FCT; INESC IDCHLC; ESSA; HDE; SCML; Voice Interaction
GoLocal: From monitoring global data streams to context-aware recommendationsJoão Magalhães (NOVA.ID.FCT; FCT/UNL)Jamie Callan (CS)NOVA.ID.FCT; INESC ID; ITCML; Priberam; SAPO-LABS
S2MovingCity: Sensing and Serving a Moving CitySusana Sargento (IT/UA)Manuela Veloso (CS)IT; UAAPD; CMP; Veniam
SCREEN-DR: Image Analysis and Machine Learning Platform for Innovation in Diabetic Retinopathy ScreeningAurélio Campilho (INESC TEC; FEUP)Gustavo Rohde (BE)INESC TEC; UAARSN; BMD; CHTS; First Solutions; HSJ; UPMC
STRETCHTRONICS: Soft and Stretchable Mechatronics for Wearable Devices: Fabrication, Implementation and ApplicationsAníbal Traça de Almeida (ISR-Coimbra; UC)Carmel Majidi (ME)ISR-Coimbra; IPLEIRIA; UCCENTIMFE